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We’re a small team of skilled and Experienced Professionals.

At our Animation Studio in Bangalore, we produce content for movies, television series and advertisements, architecture, edutainment, medical, engineering, games, corporate presentations, internet, marketing & other multimedia needs.

We at Specico have a focused vision and know our goals crystal clear and are mighty confident of reaching where we want to. Backed by a very strong technical team and experienced management with fresh ideas.

Specico is sure of achieving the best in the days to come. Specico , Bangalore provides the best of all worlds, offering exemplary imaging services, cutting-edge state of the art animation technologies.

Diversified cultural compatibility and conducive management techniques. Providing ideal solutions for design and production requirements of computer animation & visual effects for films, commercials, television, medical applications, internet, education, gaming etc.

Using the advent of latest imaging techniques and new technologies that have changed the arena of animation , Specico strives to be amongst the front-runners in the industry.

We also produce our own IPs.

Graphics Design

Animation and Video

UI / UX Development

3D Product and Architecture Design